We Shall Grow - Mindful & Sustainable

As the first plant store in the US to sell all plants in biodegradable nursery pots, and running on solar energy, Pollyn aims to bring more environmental awareness to the plant industry with the goal of eliminating single use plastics from the retail experience and supply chain.

Florists originally sold plants bare root or held them in clay. In the 1940s and ’50s, it became commonplace to use old tin cans; but by the 1980s, almost every plant sold in the U.S. was in a plastic potter.

According to a study published by the Association of Professional Landscape Designers 98% of plastic planters used in the U.S. end up at the landfill.

Why are consumers still forced to buy the one piece of nature that they place in their homes (plants) in one of the most toxic substances for the environment and human health (oil)?

Plastic aside, biodegradable pots are also better for the plants themselves, allowing  roots to push through the sides of a pot as it breaks down. Instead of coiling, folding, spiralling, knotting, or developing any other form of root deformation, the roots are distributed naturally. Also, fussy plants that don't like to be moved or that suffer greatly from transplant shock or root disturbance can be better accommodated if the pot simply breaks down around them.

Pollyn aims to be proof of concept, showing that customers value their model, prefer using materials that can return to the soil, and are willing to pay a few extra cents to take their plants home in a bio pot.

Pollyn invites everyone to become part of the solution. Whether you’re a consumer, grower, wholesaler or retailer -  please get in touch.


Pollyn is committed to foster an inclusive culture. Whether related to accessibility, gender, ethnicity, age or sexual orientation, it’s important to find ways to grow in our understanding and support of others. The tagline, We Shall Grow, synthesizes these values as it refers to growing an inclusive and diverse community based on the values of equality and respect towards other people and the environment.