Pollyn is dedicated to bringing life and vibrancy into your home or workspace. At Pollyn, we offer a range of services to help you care for your beloved plants and create beautiful spaces indoors and out. 


Our plant consulting and care services provide personalized attention to your plants, including advice on watering, lighting, and fertilization to keep your plants healthy and growing strong.


In addition to plant care, we specialize in creating beautiful spaces for our clients. Whether you have a studio, small terrace, backyard, or patio, we can help transform your space into an oasis. Our in- and outdoor design and landscaping services range from simple plant placement to complete outdoor makeovers including deck constructions. We can also help you with irrigation systems to ensure your plants are well-watered even if you can’t be around. 


We also provide flower arrangements for private and corporate events, including weddings, anniversaries, product launches, conferences, and photo shoots. Our experienced team can create stunning arrangements that will impress your guests and create a memorable experience. We can also assist with set design to bring your event to life.

Client List:

420 Kent, adidas, Amazon Gin, Cooper Hewitt Museum, Disco Tehran, The Moxy, The Oosten, Weylin, Selina Hotels, Steelcase, Zero.